Elena Brodovskaya, Anna Dombrovskaya, „Behavior on the Internet of Poles and Russians: results of the comparative cluster analysis”, Studia Politologiczne vol. 40

The  article  presents  the  results  of  the  comparative  cluster  analysis  of    formation  of  Internet use profiles in Poland and in Russia by results of mass poll in 2012. The authors defined five types of Internet use profile: «Human digital», characterized by consideration of a global electronic network as vital environment and tool of social activity; «Human pragmatic»  for  which  exclusively  functional  use  of  the  Internet  is  peculiar;  «Human entertain»  as  strategy  of  use  of  the  Worldwide  electronic  network  as  means  of  leisure activity  and  informal  communication;  «Human  traditional»,  differing  in  consideration of the Internet as minor source of information and «Human non digital» connected with refusal of use of a global electronic network. The paper described representation of various clusters realizing different types of Internet use profiles in the Polish society comparing to the Russian society in 2012.

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