Jolanta Itrich-Drabarek, Kamil Mroczka, Łukasz Świetlikowski, „Civil Service in Poland”, Warszawa 2012

civil service in polandIt is our pleasure to present you with an English version of a bilingual publication on the Polish civil service. It has been drafted within a research project financed by the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of University of Warsaw.

The publication is a result of work of experts associated with the abovementioned Faculty and the Centre for Political Analysis of University of Warsaw (OAP UW). The coauthors are: Associate Professor Jolanta Itrich-Drabarek – member of the Civil Service Council, M.A. Kamil Mroczka – Deputy Director of the Personnel and Organization Bureau at the Mazovian Voivodship Office in Warsaw and M.A. Łukasz Świetlikowski – chief specialist in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, who led this project.

The publication consists of three parts and two annexes. The first one includes a general picture of the civil service in Poland, while the second comprehensively describes the system of human resources management. The third, comparative part concentrates on the problem of fragmentation of public administration (“silo structures”) and tools that can minimize this negative phenomenon.

Annex 1, on the other hand, constitutes a table, which in a concise form presents the basic information on the civil service in Poland. Annex 2 in turn shows a division between political and administrative positions typical for the Polish ministries.

As it is the first English publication on the Polish civil service available on the market, we very much hope you find it useful.

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