Remigiusz Rosicki, „Information security as exemplified by the crime of espionage in the Polish and Swedish criminal law”, Studia Politologiczne vol. 49

The object of analysis in the present text is the legal solutions concerned with the penalisation of the crime of espionage within the context of information security. The main objective of the text is to perform a substantive penal analysis of the crime of espionage in the Polish legislation, while taking into consideration a comparative analysis of corresponding provisions in the Swedish penal code. The problem of espionage has not been approached from a broader historical perspective, nor with more systemic interpretations, which in turn position espionage in relation to other crimes concerned with the violation of the legal interest of state, its defence capability, etc. The very lack of a systematic approach to the issues concerned with the crime of espionage, if only in the context of information security and the regulations concerned with secret information, does not exclude references to the issues, for instance with relation to the protected interest of information itself.


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